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Our History

In 1866 the 21.5 carat Eureka Diamond, now kept at the library of Parliament, Cape Town, South Africa, was discovered near the mining town of Kimberley. After this find was published in the Colesberg Advertiser, treasure hunters from the four corners of the world began arriving, marking the beginning of South Africa’s diamond rush and the transformation from an insignificant agricultural state to an industrial power.


Today South Africa still produces the majority of the world’s gem quality diamonds.

At Kimberley House we are proud to showcase our country’s unique heritage of rare and natural fancy coloured diamonds to the connoisseurs of the jewellery world. We only buy diamonds that are mined in Southern Africa and respect all Fair Trade regulations.


Kimberley House is the latest addition and the gem crown of the Browns jewellery family. The Browns family have been crafting fine jewellery for over 5 generations.

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